• Simone Brown

Focus on Foreign Medical Graduates

Updated: May 12, 2019

You have overcome the odds and graduated medical school, making your family so proud. But you constantly worry if your spoken English is good enough. You lie awake at night wondering if you have made a big mistake, wasting thousands of dollars and many months of preparation, only to fail on exam day. You allow yourself to dream of the day when you have been offered a residency match and can study in top notch facilities with cutting edge technology and procedures. However, a recent encounter with a native English speaker has shaken your confidence because you couldn't even make yourself understood during a simple conversation. Dread washes over you as you realize that it isn't only your success at stake, but the hope and dreams of your entire family. Being understood is a common struggle for language learners; you're not alone. Now there is an accent modification program specifically designed for foreign medical graduates applying for certification and competing for residency matches. The fact that you have an incredible work ethic is the very reason why you will overcome this obstacle. Register for this specialized accent modification course today, and you WILL get your match!

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