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Accent Modification now on-line!

I have been an accent modification specialist for four years using the Compton PESL method. When I took my training in Dallas, I was the only ESL instructor in a room full of Speech Therapists. I was a little intimidated, but I learned so much about phonology and how sounds are formed. Since then, my students using the Compton materials have experienced a 50% reduction in their accents! It truly is a powerful tool for those who want to put in the hard work.

I am pleased to announce that this program is now offered on-line to everyone! For only $99, you can get a lifetime subscription to the language lab which will tailor it according to your native language. That's a great deal! Now, I don't get a penny of that $99, but I am happy to recommend it;)

Although this program is designed for self-study, many clients find that their results are enhanced with guidance from an independent accent reduction specialist.  I would be happy to guide you through the program and supplement the lab with personal Skype lessons. Contact me today to get your free evaluation. There's nothing to lose!!

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