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Simone Brown
Founder/ Lead Instructor

M.Ed., International Literacy
CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
Certified Compton PESL Accent Modification Instructor

The United States needs Foreign Medical Graduates (FMG).  In fact, foreign-born doctors make up over 25% of all physicians in the US, but in under-served populations they make up about 33%.  Because they are vital to the country's healthcare system, we should embrace these hard-working professionals and give them whatever necessary for their success.  One aspect of this journey is learning how to communicate effectively the their patient populations.  This is where HoustonELP's English for Doctors program can HELP.  We have developed a focused English training program just for International Medical Graduates seeking a residency or fellowship match.  Schedule a strategy session today to see how we can HELP with communication struggles.